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ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Nobody knows better than you that sometimes it really does take an enormous amount of energy to walk away from unpleasant situations. However, disagreeable encounters must now be defused with wisdom and restraint.


You may now be forced to differentiate between what you think you need and what is really good for you. It may be that your expectations of what a particular person can contribute to your life are completely unrealistic. And, in that case, leave controversial questions until next week. Your own emotional well-being will be enhanced and strengthened by giving partners the support and guidance they need. Please do not allow vague fears or imaginings to disturb your equilibrium. You see, much of what happens this week will appear to be much bigger in your imagination than it really is.

It may not be worth it. You should not be reluctant to air grievances, even though partners are initially likely to turn a deaf ear if you raise issues such as your hopes at work or your desires and needs at home. Pleasant diversions make your life less stressful. Social and romantic plans call for moderation. Overdoing it could have unsettling consequences. You've always been generous but is someone taking advantage of your soft heart? Occasionally you need to put your own needs first.

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Give some careful thought to your health. Avoid fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. If you're struggling with an addiction, the sooner you break away from this toxic activity, the healthier you'll be. Now would be a good time to join a support group. You may be called on to make a snap decision.

When there is no time to consider the pros and cons, you can only rely on your instinct. If you aren't used to obeying your intuition, you could be surprised by the positive outcome. A party invitation provides a chance for you to get to know someone your partner works with. Is this wise? Seeing how closely they work together could arouse some misplaced feelings of jealousy, so don't jump to any unjustified conclusions. Forge forward with changes you have in mind to transform your home or working world. You have some great ideas and the time has come to share these with your family and friends.

Many will be eager to join you in a new project, scheme or innovative venture. A chance to put your money to better use is coming your way.

January horoscope: Weekly horoscopes by Russell Grant for all 12 zodiac signs

Could this be an opportunity you can't afford to lose? You will need to have your wits about you to make the most of it. Your aim, early on, should be to get some serious business out of the way. This is best carried out in private. Domestic tasks are also easier to cope with when there is no-one around to get in your way. Take advantage of some fun social opportunities, later. Are you single and looking for love?

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Don't dismiss new romantic possibilities. You dominate the attention in social situations. Be it business or personal you are admired mainly for your resilience. The Sun and Moon are harmonious right now.

Here is your horoscope for January 5, - Horoscopes News

This would be a good time to cross off some short-term goals. Capricorns are all-around, talented, and sensitive leaders. You are very persuasive and resourceful. This astrological sign is unique as you manage to stay positive in almost every situation.

http://katanany.com/includes/474/uecretsiz-krtasiye-takip-program.php Capricorns with birthday January 5, tend to look for friendships in which the same interests are shared. The dating game is another issue. You are physically attracted at first but soon become jaded. Curiously, those lost to you will want to be friends again. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

You are only accommodating to a certain point in love relationships, then you become impatient and annoyed with the whole idea of making an effort to get along. For this reason, those born on this Capricorn birthday have been known to struggle with taking care of children.

The January 5 zodiac also suggests that staying mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit. This year maintain a healthy regiment of eating the right foods to get your vitamins. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Having a lack of interest in your diet does not do well with your work out routine. You must do both. You could learn to express yourself as well to reduce stress.

horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january
horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january
horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january
horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january
horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january
horoscope 5 january Horoscope 5 january

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