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I was car okay. Thank you so um by example, most of which Time a list with several cars, we talk about this I'm reading another class with her of course, they have a structure. They have a path. They have a journey through the car, especially the mayor kind of that, that is the one that we're going to be talking today. Next Monday is going to be the minor but today we're going to focus on the matter of Canada so they may or Canada as everyone knows, use in case that they have 70 a card always Going to have 78 77 to 79, if that it is the case, then it's not that our courage, oracle card or a cold cars having more flexibility, flexible uh way to be total car effects.

You cannot change your it. Have 78 cards hi amber hi rhonda so you need to learn that way.

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  4. You need to learn the passage that path so what you gonna do you don't wanna try to learn the 78 cars at the same time you're, not gonna try to memorize the 78 cards you're gonna allow To get into you, they may you're not Canada is really important is, I will say that is maybe the most important part of the of the federal court, just because it's the way that isn't there, that all of the sub conscious, all of the spiritual journey, all of what we have to be with us as a person as a human as a spirit having this experience, that is going to be hiring a pro that's going to be talking about so I don't wanna go until you um yes, that was it and I'm gonna be telling you exactly the meanings of the cards.

    No um that's something that is more like a class and I'm gonna be doing with the vip. But I can't tell you how you're gonna approach this. How you gonna throw your card so let's say that you have total cars with you, everyone know that I have plenty so um. I found Guys we got one and I'm sorry that is kind of broken um so I have plenty of the old cards again don't feel bad. If you buy uh if you buy uh title quote, dick and you feel like ah because you gonna get that a lot like uh you know and then there's a good, happy moment that you're gonna be like oh, my God, I love this thing the second because that energy so one thing that you want to make sure is that you're choosing the right pick.

    I know that a lot of time we buy it through the Internet You don't need to be gifted. The first day students it's, a tradition maybe but you don't have to you are starting into this.

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    You come by yourself, one but the thing is that to choose the first one that is so important. It could be really tricky and not being able to, maybe find out of decks outside and having so many uh during the Middle of this sides. I always Recommend to things first, yeah, it is overwhelming.

    Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: March , - Forever Conscious

    I do know that under so first, the first thing that you, wanna do when you're buying a turtle Carter where you can ask someone that has been doing this for a long time and you can ask that person so um their their implement. Certain kind of terror attacks, whether they believe what they think about it or you can leave that person is someone that maybe can read you um and everything That is going on. I will tell you that tell the person to tell you an idea what kind of car you can look forward. You, like, we have Angels. We have um uh fairies. We have.

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    I don't know you need to. We have so many things uh that it could be overwhelming, like amber sit not just that we have famous traitor waiter um stuff like that. I don't. I never Rita, I never have won most of the cars followed, that tradition because it's the most close to the original ones but highly say haley. But I will tell you the don't do what people say that you have to do. You don't connect with those car fantastic. I never been okay so what you gonna do.

    I have that person that person can reach to tell you. I think that your intuition is going to be good for that have that online and you don't have someone that you can ask, then. I will tell you Go and start looking all of these photo take your time remember this is a relationship that you're gonna have with them.

    Tarot Card Reader - Monthly Circle

    This is something that you're gonna be connected with them. So take your time don't push any like oh my God, I have to feel something no, you don't have to do. You just need to connect you just need. Maybe it's a topic that you want or something like that be married, that said that she loved ferries maybe you love drug or maybe you love. I don't know, like more television. I have tell mama I Uh they got the yield entitled. I have this have new ones that they have really really difficult, different.

    Weekly Tarot Reading for March 11 - 17

    This more like a mental kind of thing. So look one make you what it is calling you that's the most important thing. What is calling you and then take your time. No horry go. You can go and have them in front of you. This is something that I always says put your hand close. Your eyes and ask the universe, ask your guys to help you to pick up the energy. What they want, that is close and you're gonna feel Anything situation thank the deck, let's say, um they can Feel it you can do it feel it did you can, I will tell you, then, just close your eyes.

    Imagine whatever you're seeing whatever it is. The card check. The images you can do. It now. We Google check or maybe due to all these um. They won the opening the day excellent stuff later hi Tony chaplain I'm not sure so, and be small eyes, not emerging. Don't put that kind of intention, just clothes and be sore eyes. Allow the energy number that you don't have them close to the matter that you don't maybe never see them before that doesn't matter the connections going And this is that you make finally, the decision because I, with you, you take the cars and you know, one do you feel like oh my God, this is the marsh.

    Sometimes it connection with the guards is really really strong. You gonna be like this is it this and you feel that you wanna be like oh, my God, I can't wait to really maybe at the beginning you're gonna be scared like oh, my God, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to read it. I don't know what's going to happen. You know why. Just breathe and let it go Something that I always do when I open my car, I always kinda like start looking the picture just to enjoy like oh my God, if I resonate with the car uh. If I got that I, like the most I'm most I know that our care, that objects like from eight to see to say this is just a to Va, to see whatever, but um so I know that meaning, but in your case, when you find that car that you feel related to look for the meaning it's a message that they're telling you okay in a key So you know just that, after the don't take it out of the way, the order please don't do that.

    Do what then you're gonna be kind of cleansing. The car you see it's really really important for you to can clean the cars um it's most them uh leave it in there full moon to get uh more lie. Everybody some have different techniques, even pendants by example, something that I do when I'm really really busy. I don't have time to smash them. I just used a pendulum.

    How already Hi there baby it's like today is learning Monday every Monday.

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