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This begins with honesty with yourself about what you value. At the Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth, consider this the home stretch in your journey. December opens new doors and expands your sense of security. Opportunity is knocking. Invite it in! Standout days: 8, 12, 24, 28 Challenging days: 5, 14, Looking For Guidance?

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If you've pulled the Star card, you know you're going the right way. If you're setting goals for yourself, you'll make sure to see them through. And though rewards may still be on To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the Since Venus is not typically at home in Aries she prefers Libra, Taurus, and Pisces , there may be a few false starts and misfires when it comes to getting what we want, especially as Venus will be joining aggressive Mars in Aries for the majority of her stay.

Though, if there was ever a sign you can call on to topple over an oppressive regime and the systems that created it, Aries is it. Think of Venus and Mars in Aries as the volcanic lava that produces the fertile and mineral rich soil in which new and nourishing things can be planted and grown. When Mars squares off with power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn on Feb 21 and joins up with explosive Uranus in Aries on Feb 25, expect major clashes and shakeups.

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However, with Jupiter retrograde in Libra, collectively we are going to be asked to rethink and in some cases repeal our ethics and laws, namely in context to fairness, justice, and respect to others. The Libra penchant for peace at any cost will have to be reexamined as we need to continue to have these uncomfortable conversations and encounters to spark true change. Though the power of Leo resides in its healthy dose of self-confidence, Leo must beware of egoism, vanity, and ruling its kingdom and relationships with a totalitarian, my way or the highway approach.

At its best Leo can stoke a fire that inspires, warms, cheers, and entertains — which why some of our best leaders and entertainers are Leo Suns, Moons, and Risings. Under this Leo eclipse, these themes will be prevalent not only in our own lives but across the globe highlighting the best and worst of human nature.

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However, as this eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse, a powerful Full Moon for release, endings, and culminations this eclipse will be about releasing the Leo shadow of self-centeredness in exchange for that Leo sunshine that lights up the world. Incidentally, back when the Leo-Aquarius eclipses swept through between we saw: the European Court of Human Rights established; Leo Sun and then US president Bill Clinton impeached for gross misconduct and perjury; the famine in Sudan become a worldwide tragedy, exposing human rights abuses and " the failure of the international community to the famine risk with adequate speed "; South Africa release its final report from the Truth and Reconcilliation Comission which aimed to heal the country post-apartheid; Vladimir Putin take power in Russia; NATO intervening in the Kosovo War which was fueled by ethnic cleansing; the Columbine High School shootings which sparked gun control debates; and the US presidential election.

I should note that while researching these eclipses, I noticed that there was a high occurrence of natural disasters like earthquakes, that seemed to represent the volatile and unstable energy of tearing down and rebuilding.

Trump is a Leo Rising. Lastly, when Pisces season kicks off on Feb 18, we are going to be pushed back into emotional territory as we center again on the importance of empathy and compassion for the marginalized and underrepresented, as well as the power of divine feminine energy and its capacity to heal. When Mercury arrives in Pisces on the 25th, followed by a Solar Eclipse in Pisces, the last of the eclipses on the Virgo-Pisces until , the focus will be on using our hearts and intuition lead us.

Since eclipses tend to create an emotional crisis of sorts because the Moon feelings is involved, some of us may experience a crisis in faith or a crisis in reality, especially as Pisces can be overly idealistic or flat-out manipulative in its expression. However, as Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moons, a Solar Eclipse in Pisces can help us to flush emotional wounds that need to be healed, improve our connection to Spirit as well as each other, discover the power of our own magic.

February horoscopes by Russell Grant: Horoscope readings for all 12 star signs

Between Aquarius season, Venus and Mars in Aries, and the eclipses our adrenals are going to be worked into overtime with the rapid changes and volatile energy that will be swept in. This means that fatigue, anxiety, depression, malnourishment, and dehydration may be an issue. Watch closely for what happens around these eclipses, as they tend to be game changers. Recently, I shared an article on Facebook, which described the work ethic of each zodiac sign. One of my Facebook friends commented on the post that "I'm always confused when I read Libra descriptions though because I don't seem to fit the bill.

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In fact, astrologer Jessica Adams wrote a really good piece a while back about the importance of Sun sign astrology and how folks mainly professional astrologers need to stop looking down on it. Read more than one horoscope. There are tons of astrologers out there who write horoscopes; some for mainstream publication, some for their own website or following, which means there are a variety of styles, voices, and content to choose from for keeping current with the cosmos. Sometimes you need to have options in order to find something that resonates with you.

Look up your birth chart. A birth chart is kind of like having your own cosmic map or blueprint.

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If you know the hour and location of your birth, you can go to a website like astro. However, no advice really compares to my last point:. Get a reading. Try it out and let me know how it goes. And of course, if you ever need a reading, get atcha girl.

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february 3 horoscope libra libra February 3 horoscope libra libra
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february 3 horoscope libra libra February 3 horoscope libra libra

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