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People born in the date range of May 21st through June 20th, have the Horoscope sign of Gemini the Twins. As a Gemini, you probably know your basic horoscope for the year, but did you know there are six days of every month that are lucky for you, just because of your sun sign?


Just what are your lucky Gemini days? In numerology , birth dates are always lucky days for you. In addition to the dates below, add your birth date. For example, Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th, , so she would add June 4th to her lucky days' list.

Astrological Moon Calendar

Days in which the Universal day number matches your Life Path number are especially lucky for you. The universe tends to flow in your direction on these days.

Your Life Path number is calculated by adding together all the digits of your date of birth by fadic addition. Angelina Jolie's Life Path number is a 5 as shown below:. We determine that July 7th, is a lucky day for Angelina Jolie. The Universal Day number is five which matches her Life Path.

Doing this calculation for every day is tedious; however you can pre-calculate the year and month sum, and reduce it by fadic addition first. Depending if you were born early or late in the days of your sign, the corresponding phase of the Moon is lucky for you:.

Gemini Horoscope for October 12222

Gemini's celestial number in Astrology is 3 and Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet corresponds to the number 4. Using the tools of numerology, we sum the two numbers and get a total of 7.

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Accordingly, the number 7 is especially lucky for all Geminis. Uranus will put the Sun and moon under duress, so you and I have to develop a plan. First, the moon rules your income, so a client or source of income may suddenly break off and end, without warning. The Sun will be put under pressure too, and the Sun rules contractual matters, so you may want to leave a contract but find the other side is putting up all sorts of demands and barbed wire if you do leave.

You have to handle this new moon gingerly. Since you now know it is coming, make any big moves early in the month and avoid doing anything at the end of the month. As you know, your ruling planet will retrograde at the same time, indicating a measure of chaos and delay is due up ahead. Mars is in your house of love, creativity, and children and will be at odds with Pluto in your house of credit, loans, and one-time large outlays of cash, so an obstacle may come up in your private life that will cause you to need to either pay out a large sum or, perhaps, not receive certain income you were counting on receiving.

If you are self-employed, one client may leave.

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The client might work in the media world and be based in a foreign country. You may not be able to find accord, and in that case, you might voluntarily give up and walk out. Indeed, it could be a touchy situation, and it will take time to sort out. New moons can require six months of talks to come to a settlement, in this case, until May We are all in the same boat with this new moon in that everyone will have to cope with it in different areas of life and different ways. It is not a full moon, so you may not be outwardly emotional but rather more rational and intellectual in approach.

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Learn More. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller On October 27, we have a difficult new moon in Scorpio, at four degrees, which will light your sixth house of work assignments.

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gemini astrological calendar Gemini astrological calendar
gemini astrological calendar Gemini astrological calendar
gemini astrological calendar Gemini astrological calendar
gemini astrological calendar Gemini astrological calendar
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